Words and Photos by Paul Scott

It was a typical day in LA as I strolled down the Hollywood Blvd walkway. I passed by several people dressed as movie characters and superheroes as I made my way to The Lucky Strike Hollywood. It was still early. I greeted the smiling Sunlane Music Management rep and received my wristband. As I entered I noticed the lovely couple from The Wine Militia were busy setting up their table in the VIP Lounge area and Saeed, the mixologist with the giant mohawk, was prepping for the evening.

I found James Heidrich on stage inspecting the amplifiers, and saw his wife, her sister, and her sister’s husband touring the venue. Barry Point, the manager of the Luck Strike Hollywood, was speaking with a rep from the rock radio station KLOS. Chris Leyva, singer for Falling Doves, a Black Wing associate, and the mastermind behind this spectacular event, was chatting with early guests and making last minute preparations for the upcoming show.

By this time the Wine Militia were passing out glasses of sparkling wine to happy guests and Saeed was expertly making craft cocktails. Band members and Black Wing guests mingled while a few picked up the guitars provided and jammed through Black Wing combo amps positioned throughout the lounge. While awaiting the first band I sampled a delicious dinner offering from the Lucky Strike kitchen.

The first band, Kaitlyn Gold, gave a slow and mesmirizing performance that was a great primer for the energetic rock of the Falling Doves.

Black Wing’s own Chris Leyva led his group through a remarkable guitar-driven set. The evening was rounded out by the somber alt rock of Great States.

It was an incredible evening, at an awesome venue, with amazing live music. All in all, the Black Wing Amplifiers Launch Party was a resounding success, due in large part, to the hard work of Chris Leyva and Georgina Castro. With such an insanely amazing launch, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Black Wing’s future!!!