We are thrilled to be releasing the first line-up of Black Wing Amplifiers at this year’s NAMM Show. With Bad Cat founder James Heidrich behind the line, expect greatness! James is “hands on” with all Black Wing products from start to finish.

Our amplifiers construction procedures follow very closely to those used in the high end audio gear world. We are constantly sourcing the globe for the highest quality components and before any build commences, stringent testing is carried out to make sure that the parts are worthy to go into a Black Wing Amp. Our build philosophy starts with an aircraft rated steel chassis, everything is hand soldered. Individual wire leads are wrapped onto solder posts one-by-one, all by hand. Posts and wire wraps are pre-heated before the solder flows onto the joint to ensure the strongest audio signal conductance.

Black Wing circuit layouts place prime importance on cancelling or nullifying cross-fields and general audio hum. “Clean” sound is really clean but retains the depth and warmth beloved by players.

All amplifiers feature: Heavy Teflon sleeving, Spring mounted tube shields to dissipate heat evenly and further guard circuitry from field interference.

When the chassis build is complete, it is loaded into a heavy vinyl covered finger jointed cabinet equipped with our own modified design UK made Celestion speaker.

In a crowded world of high-end, high $$ ”boutique” amplifiers due to build quality, components, “know how” and the rest… Black Wing shines through.

Best Wishes,

James and all at Black Wing

NAMM Booth 1095